PigThis Page is devoted to the memory of our son/brother/friend Adam Hurst, as well as Adams Animals. If Adam or Adams Animals has touched your life in a way you wish to share, then please e-mail us at, We will post as many of the messages as we are able to, but we will cherish ALL of them.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, and we are glad that Adam has reached you in some way.
Jeff, Gena, Chad, Erica, Courtney, Carson Hurst

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you.  

  My son was in the ER at Medical City about a week ago.  He's terrified of hospitals as they are not new to him.   The paramedic doing vitals on my son offered him a Snow White dwarf to hold. He never let it go and it helped him to be less afraid. So thank you again for what you do. It makes a difference.


There are so many memories that I have about Adam…most of which involve laughing, sometimes with him, usually at him…bottom line he loved life and he lived it to the fullest. Anytime a smile is needed a memory of Adam will usually do the trick.

Chad Hurst - December 2004 - Adam's Brother,

Adam had a way about him that could make you smile on your darkest days. He use to tell his fellow classmates that he could do anything and I would not fuss at him…not true but he knew that he had a special place in my heart. And for that I am grateful. Adam is continuing to make people smile and remember him fondly. 🙂


Spruce Haley,

On behalf of our team, would you please tell Adam’s family how much Adams Animals mean to our transport patients and families. I can’t count how many times the animals have saved our nurses on transport. So many of the children we transport are scared and to see their faces light up when we give them a new stuffed animal is precious! Their new “friend” helps to give them an added sense of security in a scary environment. Thank you for all of our team!

Amy B. Hall, RN, BSN, CCRN - North Texas Hospital for Children Transport Team - Medical City Dallas Hospital,

I have been thinking of you all and am praying for peace and joyful memories. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful son with us–what a fitting tribute to Adam–to continue to bring smiles and joy to others through Adams Animals. You are both very special people to honor your son in this way and to look beyond your own pain to try and bring joy to someone else’s child.

Take care of yourselves, and know if you need me–I am here. :}

Deb Echtenkamp - North Texas Hospital for Children,

I actually have a picture of Adam, and others from the 5th grade Reunion, up in my cubicle at work. He not only has reminded me to enjoy life as it is short, but laugh at it! With Adam being a neighbor, there are many years of memories that I keep with me. The one that has meant the most to me throughout the years was from our Senior Year. It was during finals week, and there were a number of the guys that we going to breakfast as they didnt have an exam. I was invited by one of them, Keith Neagle, to join. It was supposed to be a “guys only” breakfast, and a couple of the others were visible irritated that I, a girl, was invited. Adam made a comment that made me feel welcome and included, and put the others at ease. He has taught me much in life, and I continually thank Heavenly Father for putting good friends like Adam in my path.
– Thanks again,

Lisa Midgley,

After nearly 15 years with Adam, it’s hard to pick out a single memory; there are simply too many. I loved Adam fiercely (as proven by our many spats over the years) and I continue to remember him literally all the time. No better tribute than Adams Animals could exist as remembrance for this boy who was so full of love, humor and playfulness. Adam made all of us smile, in fact, I’m smiling right now.

Heather Hill,

Hi! Just wanted you to know what joy your brought to my 6 yr old son, Andrew. He’s in Medical City Dallas with leukemia and undergoing chemo. We’ll be in at Christmastime too for a bone marrow transplant. Thank you for thinking of us. He’s been cuddled up with “Max” since he got him. Max is a big, soft, furry dog that has been a pillow most of the week. Thank you again! Love,


Thank you so much for the bears you brought to Medical city of Dallas. Our two year old daughter Olivia has been in the hospital for the last 11 days with RSV. We kept hoping that she would be home for Christmas, but she was not. Her older sisters Sarah and Camaryn went to visit Santa. While they were there, Sarah told Santa that Olivia might be in the hospital when he delivers gifts. She told him that Olivia wanted a bear. We were not sure Santa would be able to grant her wish since it was last minute. One of my friends went to get a bear so Olivia would have one, but it would have been from Daddy and I. Much to our surprise on Christmas morning there was a bear and a bag full of toys from Santa. Olivia loves the bear and her sisters are thankful that Santa went to the hospital. Our family wants to thank you for your work. You helped make our Christmas in a bad situation great. The generosity of the people who have donated bears touches so many hearts. Thank you for touching ours.


Olivia's Family,

My 4 year old daughter Megan was at the Medical Center of Plano yesterday for a brain MRI. While we waited, she was quite anxious about the procedure, IV, blood draws, etc. The nurse left the room and came back with a fluffy purple Heffalump from Adams Animals. Her eyes lit up and she was so happy to meet her new “hospital friend”. It also enabled the nurse to get all the info she needed and get Megan’s IV started without incident.

Her new friend has not left her side. She slept with her new “hospital friend” last night and brought it everywhere today to show all her friends what she got at the hospital.

Your gift made a scary situation so much more comfortable for Megan, and for me to see her calm down a bit, made me feel more at ease also. Thank you so much for honoring your son in a way that affects so many children and their families.

Thank you,

Megan's Family,

Adam was a friend of mine at Plano Senior High. Although I only knew him a short time through my junior and senior years I will always remember him as a warm, loving soul and an amazing thespian. I often think of his wonderful sense of humor and kindness to everyone he would come across.

My four month old son, Cole, was also touched by Adam over Memorial Day Weekend this year in 2008. He was admitted into the Pediatric ICU at Medical City Children’s Hospital for Aparent Life Threatening Events. The beautiful teddy bear was snuggled up to Cole all day and night while he was being constantly watched, monitored, and tested.

I know Adam’s beam of light continues to shine over Cole every day and night. Thank you so much for allowing my little one to be touched by Adam in the way that I remember him . . . with hope and a smile.

Cole's Family,

Our son was born with a congenital heart defect (a couple, actually)and was transported to Medical City Dallas Children’s Hospital when he was 5 days old (12/8/08). He’s had two open heart surgeries since then, but is doing great now (one more is in his future- we hope in MANY MANY years from now!). He spent lots of time in the NICU and we recently had the privilege of going to the annual NICU reunion. Well, as we strolled him through the doors, a clown met us and promptly handed him a kooky-looking Disney animal. He grinned and I was scratching my head wondering what in the world it was. I saw a tag on it so I wanted to see what it said. When I read that it was from Adams Animals, I felt very honored. Honestly, I felt like we should take it to someone who really “needed” it at the time! Our son was doing great, after all.

Let me go back to the part about feeling honored. I didn’t know Adam, though I heard about him while interpreting at Vines High School one year in Mrs. Holland’s class. It was Intro to Theatre and she was talking to the kids about a service project. I never really got to learn a lot about Adam, but I could tell through her tears and the twinkle in her eye as she talked about what a great kid he was (and student/actor), that he was really special. The project was collecting stuffed animals for Adams Animals. Fast forward about 5 years and here we were, holding one of them in our hands.

My son Blake was in Medical City Dallas again last week for his 3rd surgery in the past month. Blake’s on 9 surgeries now. As we arrived last week for his port surgery, he found Mr. Turtle waiting on his bed. Blake was so excited to see this special friend. In all the surgeries and hospitalizations its receiving specials gifts like these that touch his heart and give him something to snuggle in those terrifying moments.

Blake's Family,